Thank you for selecting Jacqueline Villalobos, ND for your holistic healthcare needs.  Dr. Villalobos has 19 years experience helping people navigate the road to wellness.  She practiced as a licensed primary care physician at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Oregon for 15 years where she offered nutrition education and natural therapies, as well as physical exams, diagnosing, and conventional treatment of illness.  She prescribed medications, ordered labs and imaging, referred to specialists plus other services one expects from their doctor.  

The State of New Mexico does not license naturopathic doctors and prohibits treatment or diagnosis of conditions by ND's.  This will change in July 2020, when ND's will become licensed healthcare providers in New Mexico!  The experience gained during 15 years of primary care lends Dr Villalobos a unique perspective for wellness consultation.  Her understanding of herb/nutrient/drug interactions, disease processes and medications enables her to recommend the safest natural approaches.

Many modern diseases result from imbalances in diet and lifestyle.  Dr Villalobos offers guidance towards a return to a life-giving, energizing  diet and lifestyle.  She strives to help you to restore health by removing offending agents, replacing missing nutrients with food and supplements thus allowing your body to repair itself.

Dr Villalobos has extensive experience with evidence-based weight loss counseling that recognizes that there is more to weight gain than eating too much and exercising too little.  Let her help you identify your unique issues and set a course for permanent weight loss.